Islamic Duties

Official Transactions

The documents required for the completion of official transactions of a member at his / her death:
  • Passport
  • ID and Driver License
  • Marriage certificate (if married)
We carry out the transfer transactions and official transactions of the deceased member together with the transfer companies. These:
  • Death Certificate from Hospital
  • Green Certificate from the Registration office
  • Consulate Permission letters
  • One attendant return flight tickets
  • Funeral transportation

Islamic Duties

Our service; After being informed by the relatives of the funeral, the relevant transport company and gasilhane are contacted and the funeral is prepared according to Islamic procedures. This process:
  • Funeral (meyyit / meyyite) wash according to Islamic procedures (gasil)
  • Shrouded (tekfin)
  • The funeral prayer
  • Burial


After informing our office about the death of the member's relatives, the nearest transport company we have contracted is assigned and communication with the family is ensured. Funeral, after the completion of formal procedures to address delivered to the airport by a transport company in Turkey or other countries.


For Turkey, we inform the Directorate of Cemeteries, and they receive the funeral at the airport. For other countries, funeral works end at the airport.